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How to do a job interview

If you have an invitation from the employer to a job interview, it means that you have passed through the evaluation of CV and cover letter. This means that they consider about you as a suitable candidate. Remains only the last step - you have to pass an interview. Interviews are fun becouse both sites want to be successfull. The employer wants to have already selected candidates and you are interested in a work.

Job interview with personnel manager or with the boss

Job interviews can be divided according to who you're interviewing with. There are two options - either a personnel manager or a company executive staff - usually your future boss.

In the case that you speak with a personnel manager you can expect several quastions about your personality, your hobbies, etc. It is necessary to realize that HR people have usually studied psychology. They do not understand job position well. They evaluates your personality and impression. They usually have the task to select suitable candidates from their point of view. You can expect questions such as:

  • What motivates you to work? Usually three basic motivators consider 1) money, 2) authority and power, 3) interesting and challenging tasks. Questions will be aimed to the personnel manager could make a picture, which of these factors is most important to you at work and if this position can meet your expectations.
  • What are your strengths and weaknesses? You can prepare an answer before the interview becouse this is the most common question.
  • Are an introvert or extrovert rather? Neither is good or bad - depending on the type of position. Often it can be identified by your interests, hobbies, according to a favorite sport or music, etc.
  • What management style suits you? Can you manage yourself? Or do you need someone with tougher approach? Do you need personal contacts or do you prefer to work alone?
  • What salary do you imagine? Do not say from - to but say a fixed amount. If you say from - to the employer will start negotiate a lower amount.
  • Since when can you take up an employment? Prepare the exact date.

If you go through an interview with personnel manager and he or she evaluates you as a suitable candidate, you will go usually the last round: the interview with your future boss. If the boss is satisfied with your knowledge and your personality you will get the job easily.